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Proudly serving Chicagoland for over 25 years

Thomas J Polinski & Associates, Ltd. in Chicago, Illinois, is locally owned by Thomas J. Polinski. We are licensed and insured for your protection. Our returning customers stay with us because of our stellar reputation and fair prices. You are in good hands with our attorneys and staff.

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Thomas J Polinski & Associates, Ltd.receives many referrals from mortgage lenders, real estate agents and other professionals with whom we have worked. But a majority of our clients are referred by other satisfied customers. Contact us today to become one of them. Thomas J Polinski is a member of Who's Who in American Law and Who's Who in American Business. 

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Legal Representation

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Q. Do I need an attorney for a real estate closing?     

A. While you don’t technically need one, it is extremely beneficial to have a lawyer present for a real estate closing. Your attorney can protect you from costly mistakes, errors in the documents, errors in the figures, and problems that could lead to litigation or other costly legal action. The nominal closing fee for an attorney is far less than the undetected clerical errors and fees for post-closing legal action that many people without a competent attorney incur.

Q. Do I need an attorney if I am injured?

A. Yes, in fact says the American Bar Association, that people who have hired attorneys get 3 ½ TIMES MORE for settlement than those who try to handle their claims alone without any attorney. If you are injured in any manner, call us immediately for a free consultation.

Q. Do I qualify to file for bankruptcy, and how long does it take?

A. With the recent recessions, rising unemployment rates and the housing foreclosure crisis, many individuals have resorted to filing bankruptcy. Bankruptcy allows an individual to discharge all or most of their debts and obtain a fresh start in life. Bankruptcy filings have increased significantly with each passing year, and are currently at an all time high as more and more people are left with no suitable alternative.

Filing for bankruptcy is a relatively easy and inexpensive process. Once your petition is filed it usually requires only one brief meeting with a Trustee who determines if you have any valuable assets. Generally the entire case is fully concluded in less than four (4) months.

Please call us at (773) 282-9372 if you are interested in learning more about bankruptcy and whether or not it is right for you. It would be helpful if you have your recent paystubs, if any, and your last Federal Income Tax Return available when you call.

Q. Do I need a Will?

A. A recent survey found that less than 40% of adults in the United States currently have Wills, down substantially from previous years. Many experts think this is because some people believe recent changes in the estate tax laws mean they will owe no tax, so they don’t need a will. Others believe that scheduled changes in the law make it pointless to have a will before the changes are enacted.

Reality: You may need a will for many reasons other than taxes, such as to name a guardian for your children or to avoid Probate Court in certain circumstances. Also, people who don’t have wills are less likely to have other important documents, such as health care proxies or other important estate planning documents.

Bottom Line: Have a will and full estate plan, regardless of estate taxes.

Please contact Thomas J. Polinski & Associates, Ltd., at (773) 282-9372 to discuss your estate planning needs with an attorney.

Q. How can I protect my assets if I have an incurable illness or disease?

A. About 1,000 times a day, families and doctors decide to turn off life support equipment and let patients die with dignity, according to the Hasting Center, a medical ethics advisory group.

Due to overwhelming advances in medicine, people are living longer. But says Dr. Erik Steele of the Eastern Maine Medical Center, “we have this degree of technical ability to keep people alive, without the ability to always restore them to good health.

Many people during their last hospital stays, although technically alive, are in a “vegetative” state, and do not enjoy a meaningful quality of life. In fact, many of them do not even recognize their family and loved ones. And studies show that many of their estates are financially depleted because of unnecessary and unwanted medical procedures that merely delay death and unfortunately prolong this vastly inadequate and unwanted life-style.

If you do not want to be kept alive artificially in the event of an incurable injury or illness, contact us about preparing a Living Will and/or Medical Power of Attorney.

Q. Can you help me if I am having marital problems?

A. Yes. Our lawyers have extensive experience in all Family Law related matters, including but not limited to Divorce, Separation, Paternity, Custody, and Child Support. Call us immediately if you need help in any of these areas.

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